Why does light and shadow have such influence on quality?

ORIGO means „origin”. We have consulted scientists, farmers and plantation owners in coffee-growing countries and have discovered the secret of delicious coffee that is found in ORIGO products. The results are clear. Utilizing the perfect combination of light and shadow, giving the coffee grains the perfect rest time, we have developed coffee of optimal quality. This is how ORIGO obtains the perfect and unique taste.

Finding harmony between nature and science, ORIGO coffee blends these in perfect proportions to produce the perfect cup of coffee. You will be convinced of ORIGO coffee’s superiority after the first sip.

ORIGO has a secret. Our unique method of producing the perfect cup involves the use of the optimal amount of sunlight. Our farmers pay special attention to the development of the coffee bean and constantly adjust the amount of sunlight the bean is exposed to in order to produce ORIGO coffee. Our roast masters take the time to source maximum flavor out of our coffee beans. As carefully as you treat your body, our roast masters treat our beans.

From the coffee bean fetus to the finished product, everyone involved in producing ORIGO coffee do their utmost to produce the superior tasting coffee found in every product.

ORIGO has time.
From its inception, the raw product is roasted at low temperatures while being gradually warmed for 20 minutes. This process is carried out under close scrutiny to get the most out of the product. ORIGO has made this the key component in our coffee production.