What does ORIGO coffee obtain through a special roasting?

The starting point for roasting is careful selection of coffee beans from the best growing areas of the world. In industrial production the turbo roasting of large quantities comes at the expense of taste and quality of coffee.

A great many coffee beans are treated in hot air roasters at 450 °C for 2 or 3 minutes for purely economic reasons.

In contrast, our traditional drum roasting requires tranquility. Not large amounts of coffee beans are roasted at 180-210 °C for about 20 minutes. This slow and gentle roasting allows coffee beans to reach their full natural flavor. Undesirable acidity is reliably eliminated, including side effects such as heartburn or stomach problems are alleviated without losing the unique taste. It is also guaranteed due to our package produced without CO² to deliver ORIGO coffee with its full aroma harmony to consumers.