The origin

The gentle coffee plant grows well only in some regions. Where a wet-dry alternating climate prevails and trade winds blow, there is the origin of coffee.

All areas near the equator, between the 23 northern latitude and the 28 southern latitude are called ”coffee belt„. They are perfectly suited to grow the coffee plants.

From Central and South America to Africa and Asia, the best farmlands have been determined to create the best growing conditions for ORIGO coffee beans.

The bean and the climate

The secret of ORIGO coffee is in the right proportion of light and shadow. The ripening of coffee beans needs a lot of light and heat, however, too much sunlight may harm the plant.

Therefore, the plantation managers whose raw materials ORIGO buys also comply with the shadow mode. With much effort and care plantations are temporarily covered with tarpaulins to achieve a balance of intense sunshine and shady moments.

After six to eight years of care, peace and serenity, the coffee tree reaches over two meters high and it can be harvested to eight kilograms of coffee beans per year.

The harvest

The very important thing while harvesting of coffee beans is fingertip sensitivity. By picking method (by hand), only the best coffee beans are selected by being picked individually and carefully from the branch.

This procedure takes much time, but it is the only way you can be sure that only undamaged beans of the high quality will be used in the production process.

The fresh crop is highly perishable and must be processed immediately. After the coffee beans have been separated from the pulp, they are washed, dried and then carefully sorted again according to quality and size.

The roasting

The roasting is the final examination of the coffee beans. With a few ingredients which the coffee bean contains over 1.000 different flavors are generated by heat. For this purpose, a traditional roasting drum is used to get ORIGO coffee. It allows to roast the beans gently at 180-225 °C for about 20 minutes.

Complex biochemical processes in such a procedure can be managed and controlled in order to eliminate the occurrence of irritating substances or undesirable acids. While in commercial processes the roasting is processed in so-called Turbo roasters for 3 minutes.

A coffee bean contains numerous valuable components that do not tolerate this method of roasting: carbohydrates, acids, oils, water, minerals, trace elements and about 800 flavors. The flavors unfold only during the roasting, making coffee one of the most aromatic beverages.

The coffee taste and health

The process of creating of our product is completed only when the secret of ORIGO coffee unfolds in the taste. When you drink coffee, as with many other things, the right dosage is crucial. Three to four cups of ORIGO coffee a day have a positive effect on the body. The results of researches have confirmed that coffee consumption reduces the risk of developing diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease or cancer. Caffeine dilates the bronchi, so asthma sufferers can breathe easily.

Other valuable substances such as vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese, proteins and fats, various acids and numerous antioxidants enhance the body's defenses and delay the aging process. Coffee strengthens the heart and the ability to concentrate, lightens the mood and increases staying power. Еnjoy ORIGO coffee!